1) How do I enquire about a class, lesson, show, group activity, party or Masterclass?

Please send a text message to 0783 497 6018 with a brief outline of which service you are enquiring about......

2) How do I book a lesson?

All bookings are done through our booking system. We use Bookwhen. All details will be given to you when you enquire by text message 0783 497 6018.....

3) Can I pay cash?

NO. Cash is no longer taken at the studio. Due to the effects of COVID-19, all payments are now made via the booking system or by Bank Transfer.....

4) Where do I need to come?

A newsletter will be sent to you via e-mail, once correspondence has begun between us. This newsletter will give you step by step guide of what we have going on at our studio, how to get here, what to wear, where to park etc.....

5) Can I get a refund if I join and then decide not to attend?

Unfortunately, we do not issue monetary refunds once the payment has been processed but we do issue credit notes to be used for a future class or other service.....

6) If I join and decide not to attend, can I give a friend my credit note?

YES. We are very fair at our studio. Once you have made a payment to us, should you decide not to attend, any payment that you have made can be swapped into a credit not for other classes or services and can be gifted to a friend. We do not issue refunds, only credit notes.....

7) Is there a cancellation policy in place for group classes?

YES. If you are booked into a group class, the cancellation period is 4 HOURS before the class is due to start. As long as you cancel outside of this 4 HOUR period, your class will be credited back onto your pole account. (no cash/card refund is issued, just a credit note).

8) Is there a cancellation policy in place for Private lessons?

YES. If you are booked in for a private lesson, the payment is made via bank transfer up to 1 day BEFORE you attend the lesson. If the appointment hasn't been paid for, the reservation won't be complete and the time slot may be given to other enquiries. Your space is only reserved with payment. If you need to cancel, it must be done on the day BEFORE the lesson. Cancellation on the day of the appointment will incur full cost payment..... 


9) Is there parking?

YES. We have full use of a car park. The details are highlighted in the Newsletter that you will receive once you have started a correspondence with us.....



10) How many people are in a class?


 If you are attending a group pole class, the maximum people we have in a pole class is 8. We have 9 poles, one of which is for the instructor, we don't share equipment. If you are attending an aerial hoop class, the maximum attendees is 6. 

11) What do I wear?

Depending on which class you are attending, there is different attire but the general clothing is what you would wear to a fitness class at the gym. All details are given to you in the Newsletter.....

12) Can I just turn up for classes?


NO. There is a booking system that takes your payment and your booking. If you turn up to class and your name is not on the booking system, you will not be able to take part in the class. 

13) what is Informed Consent/PAR Q/GDPR/COVID-19 PROTOCOL/TERMS & CONDITIONS?

When you sign up to our studio, we will send you a newsletter to tell you how our studio runs and it contains all of the information that you will need to know and what you will need to do. We will also send you some forms that will need to be filled in PRIOR to commencement:


# A PARQ form: Please answer as honestly as you can to the Health QUESTIONNAIRE. If you answer YES to any of the questions, please ensure that you call/message us to discuss them PRIOR to attending class.


             # A GDPR permission form: This is to give us permission to contact you via e-mail, phone call or text/whats app message services to give you booking information, class updates & studio updates. WE DO NOT share your information with anyone else. WE DO NOT upload the information to a computer. The paperwork is kept locked away safely & securely in a separate storage facility.

         # A Terms & Conditions form: It basically is a tick box that you have read, understood, and agree to each of the paragraphs on the Newsletter. You must tick all boxes to say you agree with the statements before you will be allowed to book into your first class.

     # A COVID-19 form: This is a tick box and a signed declaration that you understand & accept what is written in the COVID-19 protocol.


The forms will be sent to you to print off, fill in and bring with you to your first lesson.  If you do not have a printer, don’t worry. As long as you have read through it all and called/messaged us to discuss any YESs from the health questionnaire, you can fill a paper copy in once you have arrived at the studio. If you arrive at the studio and answer YES to any of the questions which haven't been previously discussed with us, YOU WILL NOT be allowed to continue with your lesson.....



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