Sally Ann is mobile! Yes, if you would like Sally Ann to come to your studio to teach all she knows, then she can!


Your Masterclass is about you so can be tailored to your exact needs and abilities. If traditional Pole Dance is what you are looking for, the Masterclass can be an amalgamation of the following activities:


  • Pole spins and spin combination:                                                                                                               will need 60 mins - 120 mins


  • Choreography and routines for 3 different levels (video's can be sent to you via what's ap of the 3 routines available and you can choose which one you would like me to teach)                                      will need 90 mins - 120 mins


  • Lap dance class. Sally Ann will teach you how to be seductive during a lap dance routine. Bikini or an underwear set will need to be worn over the top of your training gear, NO NUDITY is actually involved!!  sexy floorwork can also be incorporated into the class after the lapdance class is complete.                      will need 60 mins - 90 mins 


  • Sexy & slinky class. Sally Ann will teach you how to move around the pole "stripper style" and incorporate floor work. Knee pads or knee padding such as knee braces, leggings or extra long leg warmers will be needed for this class. 90 mins - 120 mins


  • Chair choreography class. Sally Ann will teach you a full song routine that incorporates sensuality and dancing with/on a chair. Knees will need to be covered as floorwork is incorporated into the workshop. suitable for all levels, even non polers. 120 mins




                                                      Chargeable to the Studio Owner:


  • £150 for a 60 minute workshop (10 students £15 each)

  • £200 for a 90 minute workshop (10 students £20 each)

  • £250 for a 2 hr workshop (10 students £25 each)


  • a private for 1 person is £35 per hr

  • 2 people is £30 each (total £60 per hr)

  • 3 people is £25 each (total £75 per hr)

  • 4 people is £25 each (total £100 per hr)

  • 5 people is £25 each (total £125 per hr)

  • 6 people is £25 each (total £150 per hr)


Minimum booking is a 2 hr workshop. Travel expenses are charged at 25p per mile and overnight accommodation is required if your location is over 3 hours travelling distance away from Sally Ann's Midlands location.


Sally Ann is also available to do live show pole dance performances consisting of 2 songs which total 7-10 minutes in length. Sally Ann has her own X pole stage pole if you cannot provide a pole for her to perform on. Costume & theme shows are also available.  The cost is £150 plus travel expenses. Video examples can be provided upon request.







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